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Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

For Japanese businesses in the world’s third largest economy, 2 factors make having a well-translated website essential.

First, during the pandemic, millions world-wide became used to ecommerce as a convenient way of doing business. In U.S. in 2021 alone, consumers spent $870 billion online, and this trend is expected to continue.

Second, the opening of Japan will create much anticipated growth opportunities, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors, the manufacturing and biopharma areas, as well as legal and financial service providers and inbound investment.

InScribe’s Services

InScribe offers a wide range of web-site related services, customized for the needs of legal and financial service providers, businesses in the tourism, hospitality, and biopharma areas.

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Lucinda is adept at creating website translations that sparkle, especially in tourism, medical/bio-tech, and inbound investment field.

S. Matsuda

Founder of West Heading