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LL.M Coaching

Let us guide you through the process

The LL.M. application process is extremely competitive, time-consuming, and stressful! Let Lucinda guide you through this process and develop a strategy just for you.

Lucinda has worked closely with Japanese lawyers and corporate legal staff for more than 20 years to ensure their acceptance at top-ranked law schools in the U.S. and other countries. To date, her clients have been accepted at LL.M. programs at NYU, UPenn, Cornell, Georgetown, University of Virginia, Boston University, University of Minnesota, Duke, UCLA, UC Berkely, USC, LSE, Sussex University and others.

InScribe’s Coaching Approach

InScribe’s approach is start-to-acceptance and is customized for each client’s individual’s needs and goals. Lucinda works individually with each client to ensure that all application documents highlight the client’s achievements and goals. We vet each document not only for English usage, but also for content that makes you shine!


InScribe’s LL.M. Coaching services include:

  • Choosing the right law school for you
  • Customized resume that reflects your professional background and achievements
  • Personal statement that tells your compelling story
  • Recommendation letters, including translation or native-English check
  • Support for optional essays and short answers required by some law schools
  • Strategies to handle interviews with confidence
  • Pre-LL.M. Legal English mini-course that covers the IRAC methods, tips for law school exams, and an overview of several areas of law (contracts, criminal, constitutional laws)

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